SR1 Audio Analyser

SR1 Audio Analyser functionality, performance and ruggedization kit updates, March 2011

News about the SR1 Audio Analyser from Andrew Mendelsohn, Engineering Manager, Stanford Research Systems.

I wanted to take some time to let you know what’s going on with SR1. We spent quite a bit of time at the AES meeting in San Francisco last October listening to your suggestions and comments. Some of that interaction has already shown up in the form of new features and bug fixes. Other features are still being worked on and will appear in the near future. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the exciting new developments at SRS audio.

People are Noticing

As the word gets out about the only audio analyzer with world class specs priced under $10k we’re beginning to get some pretty positive feedback from users. Here’s what legendary audio designer Ed Meitner had to say about his SR1:

“SR1’s combination of features and performance make it the best value in analog and digital audio testing today available today. I’ve been using SR1 for over 6 months and have been consistently impressed with both the performance of the instrument and the service I’ve received from SRS.”

New Features

We’re currently shipping version 1.3.3 of the SR1 software. Users who are running older versions of the software should definitely upgrade when you have a chance - you’ll be rewarded with a faster, more stable instrument. Here are some highlights of what’s new in the code since version 1.2:

Crest Factor Measurement We’ve added a “learning mode” which enables you to generate a script quickly and painlessly from a sequence of front panel and mouse clicks.
Crest Factor Measurement The Time Domain Detector now directly reports crest factor as a measurement which can be added to any display.
Group Delay Measurement The 2-channel FFT analyzer now directly measures group delay. Group delay was previously accessible by using the graph calculator on a phase trace but the new method is much more convenient.
Signal to Noise Cursor The FFT cursor panel now directly reads out Signal to Noise for any FFT type trace.
File Manipulation Commands The remote command list has been expanded to include the capability to transfer files to and from the instrument and create and delete files.
Variable Sweep Rate Chirp SR1 already has the most versatile FFT chirp generator of any audio analyzer, allowing you tailor a chirp with a completely arbitrary frequency response. Version 1.3.3 improves on that by introducing the variable sweep rate chirp, a chirp that adjusts its sweep rate according to the amplitude to equalize the S/N ratio on chirp signals that have non-uniform frequency response.
Faster Computer

SR1 will soon be shipping with a faster 1.66 GHz Intel® Atom™ processor that’s almost twice as fast as the current processor. The new computer makes the instrument more responsive and FFT update rates are dramatically improved. We’ll be releasing the details of an upgrade package for existing users shortly.

New Ruggedization Kit

We know that SR1 can be a bit awkward to move around. So we designed a “ruggedization” kit for SR1 which is going to make it easier. The kit will include a study side handle to allow the instrument to be carried more easily, bumpers for the sides and rear of the instrument so it can set down securely, and a removable front cover to protect the screen and front panel. We’ll have ordering details within a month.

As I’ve said before, SRS is committed to making SR1 the best value in audio testing available anywhere. The best way for us to do that is with your help - the audio test community. We know we’re relative newcomers to the audio world and we’re going to do what it takes to make an instrument that meets your needs. So please contact us with comments, criticisms and suggestions - we want to hear them all.

For further information on the SR1, click here to contact us by email or call:

Matthew Ball on
01582 764334

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