SR1 Audio Analyser

SR1+ is Shipping

With a fast and powerful new computer, improved analog specifications for both the generator and the analyzer, and an array of new features, the SR1+ is the most cost-effective solution for today's challenging audio test requirements. Here are some highlights of what's new in SR1+.

Precision Jitter Analysis Option:

SR1+ is available with a new precision jitter analysis option which provides the lowest jitter noise floor available in a commercial audio instrument. Shown below is the residual jitter as a function of frequency for the standard SR1+ jitter analyzer, SR1+ with the precision jitter option, and the Audio Precision AP2700 analyzer. As you can easily see, the SR1+ extends jitter measurements down to frequencies previously unreachable with available audio test instruments.

SR1 Audio Analyser

Realtime Analyzer

SR1+ expands the already impressive array of analyzers to include a fractional octave realtime analysis. SR1+ analyzes full, 1/3, and 1/12 octaves from 20Hz to 20 kHz for both channels and also calculates in realtime the power ratio between the two channels. Here's an example of a 1/12 octave spectrum taken with SR1+:

SR1 Audio Analyser

More to Come

SRS are currently working on even more features for SR1+ including a simple SPL calibration module, digital audio latency measurements, improved help, better quick measurements, and more. As always, these features will be available as no-cost updates to existing SR1+ customers.

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