SR1 Audio Analyser

Related SRS Products

Here is a list of other SRS products of relevance to the audio industry:

Synthesized function generators

Model Description Feature Datasheet
DS360 Ultra-low distortion function generator 1mHz to 200kHz

Frequency Standards/Oscillators

Model Description Feature Datasheet
FS725 Benchtop rubidium frequency standard 5 & 10MHz outputs
PRS10 Rubidium frequency standard Low phase noise
SC10 Ovenised quartz oscillator low phase noise
FS710 AGC distribution amplifier 7 channels

Distribution Amplifiers

Model Description Feature Datasheet
FS730/1 10 MHz Distribution Amplifer Sine wave with low phase noise
FS730/2 5 MHz Distribution Amplifer Sine wave with low phase noise
FS730/3 CMOS Logic Distribution Amplifier Fast transition
FS730/4 Broadband 50Ω Distribution Amplifer DC-100MHz
FS730/5 Broadband 75Ω Distribution Amplifer DC-100MHz
FS735 Double width 19" Rack Distribution Amplifier Mix & match FS730 modules

FFT Spectrum Analyzers

Model Description Feature Datasheet
SR785 2-channel dynamic signal generator DC to 102.4kHz bandwidth

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